About the artist

Being Born in England in 1968, Nick’s parents immigrated to South Africa in 1969. If you ask Nick he will tell you that he is a red blooded African and loves the continent dearly. “Africa inspires me to create art every day,” Nick always tells people. He became a successful athlete as a junior winning numerous national titles in middle and long distance. A natural sportsman with the knack of being able to play just about any sport well. Unfortunately when he left school he was conscripted and ended up in an elite unit that was tasked with curbing the countries internal unrest. He spent nine years as a section commander which changed his life forever. No art was done during this dark period of Howarth’s life and some years that followed. Eventually he started to sculpt and paint once again which helped with his overcoming of trauma of his military service. This period of his life was not all bad. It did set the stage to write his auto biography, War in Peace, which became a best seller in South Africa.

He has been involved in many activities that are purely African. He runs humanitarian campaigns to uplift the African people. Campaigns such as drug prevention, human rights, and ocean conservation.

With his subject matter being everything African, the stories behind his art pieces are wild and wonderful. His rich exposure to African life on land and at sea is the foundation of the content of both his painting, sculptures and poetry.

His childhood was mostly spent in the bush catching snakes and rabbits, and fishing in the river that ran through the valley behind his house. Basically he is a thoroughbred African country boy. These kinds of things make Africa get into your bones, and the only way to truly express his love for his home is through his art.  

His art is a mixture of realism and impressionism, and he uses oils and acrylic to paint and casts his sculptures in bronze via the 5000 year old Cire Perdue method of casting. Deep in the heart of KwaZullu Natal’s midlands at the foot hills of the Drakensberg mountains, is where he casts the pieces. You can feel the African vibe in the bronze.

Nick likes his clients to truly experience Africa through his art. He imbues the pieces with a feeling that is raw Africa and this is what he wants for everyone who sees his art. This is his purpose, his passion and his true love, Africa.